Miranda Castiel

Happy-Go-Lucky Human Sorceress


Human. Aged about 22. Height is 5’4" and She is rather thin (At a whopping 102 lbs). She has crazy, flaming red hair and green eyes. She is naturally bubbly and friendly to nearly anyone. She is genuinely curious and child-minded, and her fey heritage causes her to have rather exaggerated emotions.


Miranda grew up under the care of her mother on the material plane. She traveled all over the world with her mother, and loved to travel and read. After her mother died, Miranda went a little crazy, and cooped herself in her mothers library and did nothing but read books and desperately try to find a way to get into the fabled fey wild her mother would read to her about. Eventually years passed and eventually Dasphamy’s party comes to inquire about her research of the Fey Wild. She travels with them and had many wonderful adventures…. until the party split up and darkness fell upon the Fey Wilds.

Miranda Castiel

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