Standagg was a rough riding mercenary for the majority of his younger years. Once he believed that he made enough money to settle down, he returned home to find his Wife and Son had been kidnapped by the drow in a raid.

This drove Standagg to the bottle, spending the majority of the money he made in the field on mead and liquor. Eventually he didn’t even have a home to call home, and had to leave town.

Standagg traveled for miles to the Solaris desert, where he figured he could walk until death came for him. There he found Aramil, a young trouble making trickster orphan. For some reason, this gave Standagg hope, maybe it was the way the child behaved, or the familiarity between the boy and Standagg’s son.

Since then, Standagg has been trying to get sober so he can adopt Aramil and start a new life, hopefully forgetting the old.


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