Cold Iron's Sins


After the Battle of Iomedae, Silas, Fletcher, Rothas, found themselves in a cavern off the coast of the island of Iomedae. They decided that they were going to hide out there for the time being while they figured out what their next move should be.

A few moments of discussing pass, and they decide that they need to infiltrate back into the city to see if there are any surviving ships that they could steal. Before they could launch their plan however, they heard sounds of battle, and the thud of footsteps echoing from the cavern roof above. "Throw him off the ledge!" a female voice laughed. It didn't take long for the promise to follow through, as a man fell face first into the sand below.

Upon further investigation into his figure, Flethcer recognized this man to be Persival, but before greetings could be made, Persival was pounced on by a Paladin of the Iomedae Faithful from above, who was then joined by a comrade.

Albeit outmatched, Persival stood to confront the attackers head on in a final stand.

The adventuring party quickly intervened so as not to let an ally fall, and quickly, the two Paladins were dropped. Soon after the battle, the group noticed another ally hurriedly approaching from the distance, Nalith, and from above the cavern dropped a new ally, Jem, a Cleric of Desna.

With their new companion in the group of survivors, the group observed their surroundings, and noticed a lifeboat of pirates on the shoreline approaching the beach head, and decided to allow them to approach, and observe their behavior. Once the pirates landed on the sand, they began resting and drinking, while fraternizing with each other. The group though it best to keep their heads low throughout, hopefully the group would leave the lifeboat behind, or maybe they could kill the pirates and take the life boat.

After a while, one of the pirates started making his way toward the cavern. During the approach, everyone tried their hand at hiding,  non beside Nalith and Fletcher being successful. Upon noticing the less stealthy of the party members, the pirate drew his firearm and aimed at the party, yelling and ushering for them to leave the cavern immediately, as this was his cavern now. The party members, Silas, Persival, Rothas, and Jem, obeyed and made their way out of the cavern and began travel down the coast line, keeping their eye on the pirates.

At this moment, Fletcher saw an opportunity to take out the pirate right here, he approached and attempted to grab the pirate from behind, but was out-maneuvered in the process, and found himself at the end of a flintlock's barrel. "You leave too! Go on! Get out! Now!" The pirate exclaimed rapidly and excitedly, "I have numbers!". Fletcher decided to attempt and call the pirates bluff, but when the pirate rose his gun in the air, Fletcher saw that the pirate was quite serious about his claim. Fletcher gave in to the pirates demands, leaving the cavern, leaving Nalith as the only one left in the cavern.

After the pirate was sure that he was alone in the cavern, he decided to signal over to the pirates back at the life boat, and they signaled to the ship wreckage near them. 1 approaching pirate became 4, then 8, then 15. Nalith was stuck. Heavily outnumbered, Nalith figured he had no other choice other than revealing himself and hope the pirates were merciful. To his surprise, the pirates were very understanding of the situation, maybe because of friendliness, or maybe because of the circumstances given by the situation. Either way, they offered to share the shelter with Nalith.

During the situation inside of the cavern, an idea struck Persival. The pirates left their life boat unguarded. He relayed this to the rest of he party, and they made way for the boat, getting on, and preparing to set off.

while this happened, someone in the back of the cavern exclaimed, "Someones stealing the lifeboat!" The party had been spotted, and Nalith was in the belly of the beast.

Guns pointed at him, Nalith had to think on his feet, whatever happened next could mean life or death. "Whats that over there!?", Nalith shouted, pointing at the cavern wall. Dumb luck seemed to be on his side at the moment, as all the pirates fixed their attention on the wall, and multiple shots were fired into the stone. Nalith took advantage of the distraction and quickly began a dead-sprint toward the boat.

Once there, Fletcher and Persival began trying to Row, but Persival's previous wounds must have taken hold, because he could not muster the strength. With the pirates approaching, Persival knew that he wasn't worth much on the boat besides dead weight, so he hopped off the boat and positioned himself for one final push. "Persival no!" Fletcher yelled as Persival gave everything he had in one push, sending the row boat out to the sea, allowing the party to escape, leaving Persival behind.

Out at sea, the party fashioned up a sail out of a scythe and a cloak, and Nalith began observing a ring that he had found during Operation Lone Wolf. After learning that it was a very powerful and destructive item from Jem, he decided to put it on. "Hello!", the ring said in his head, "Who are you?" This shocked Nalith for a moment, but he continued the conversation, and it led to the ring gaining control over Nalith and forcing him to touch Fletcher, who the ring then sucked the life out of until unconcious. The ring then demanded that Nalith place the ring on Fletcher, to which Nalith obeyed.

Over time the group was found by a pirate warship, "The Sand Demon", who then picked them up and told them they were going to be sold as slaves at an auction house in Wolf-Water. It was here that the party met back up with Shadow and Miranda, and met pirate lord Pykota's wife, Arran.

During the voyage to Wolf Water, Silas revealed information about the second Dasphemy, something of which Arran did not seem to know, and requested that when they landed at Wolf Water, that Silas stay behind for further discussion.

Once the Sand Demon docked, the party, minus Silas, was escorted to the auction house. There they were held backstage with a lone guard. Fletcher managed to bribe the guard into letting the party leave freely.

Back on the Sand Demon, Silas explained further that there was an alternate version of Dasphemy, and that he was running around somewhere on the Iomedae island. Interested in the information that Silas just relayed to her, and believeing that he is sincere and truthful, Arran gave Silas money to go and buy his friends for her, as they would be returning to the Island of Iomedae to find this alternate Dasphemy.

Back on the J.E.B., Dominic revealed to Bryntwulf that his objective in this plane was to kill Good Dasphemy. Dominic and Bryntwulf made a loose allianced to track down Dasphemy together. Soon they docked at Wolf-Water around the same time that the party had, and Bryntwulf and Dominic met up with them. There Dominic claimed that Miranda was going to be her commander, as she had the most relation to Dasphemy, and seemed to be the most well read there. She told him to go to the desert town on the outskirts of the Solaris and stop an impending Iomedae Faithful attack, and to also scout a base of operations for them out. At this point Dominic began to head out toward Solaris.

Once everything was established, and the party at long last Regrouped. They returned to the Sand Demon. After they set sail, Miranda made an offer to Arran, who has been stragnely cordial to her, to buy one of her Prisoners, a Rogue Ranger named Saira. Arran was hesitant, but accepted her offer. Miranda gained another soldier under her employ as they set off toward the Island of Iomedae to once again, Retrieve Dasphemy.



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