Cold Iron's Sins

Midnight Snake Bite

Kiwi knew that she had a chance to cut into the Cold Iron Kingdoms ranks when she found out that a sergeant would be attending a Feywild Fighting Federation event, she just needed a plan. She went into the forest, nature had been her ally before, why not now? After hours of searching, she found a cottonmouth snake in the grass, and was able to speak to it. After a promise of food and shelter, the snake agreed to help Kiwi with her plan.

While Kiwi was about in the wilderness, doing whatever it is she does, Dith was preparing for her fight. Her "Performance" a week ago against the professional fighters of the FFF was good enough to land a title fight tonight, and she wanted to be prepared. This was the first time that Dith had had any kind of opportunity to win something based on fighting prowess, she did not want to waste it. She knew that she might have an advantage in the fight. Her friend Haustin had managed to impress enough to achieve his dream of fighting in the FFF, so this was no 1 on 1, this was a triple threat.

The fight began like your average FFF fight would. Light punches here and there to try and feel out the distance needed to land the heavy ones. While this was happening Kiwi was sitting in the crowd, about 40 or so rows away from the sergeant and his soldiers. They were cheering and drinking, having a good time. Kiwi's hatred of the Cold Iron Kingdom did not let her develop any sort of empathy, they were the enemy, and this was her chance.

She puled the snake out of her bag. "I need you to sneak over and get in his bag, then wait until nightfall, and come out and bite him." The snake, seemingly tired and full from some Dire Rat meat that was given by Kiwi earlier, agreed, then slithered on toward the Sergeant. Kiwi returned to watching her sister perform, hoping that no one would notice.

Dith was trying to be the aggressor to the champion, Superior Vulture, in the early goings of the match. She figured that it would be fun to have a show down between her and her half-orc friend. Superior Vulture proved to be an overwhelming force of an opponent however, countering strikes, parrying, and landing shot after shot. Soon Dith found herself on the defense, backpedaling further and further. Haustin decided to step in the moment that he thought he was out of Vultures range of sight. He took a calculated risk, but boy is he bad at math, and was met with a kick to the stomach that sent him reeling. Something was wrong with Haustin, that kick landed something fierce, he began Coughing blood and fell to his knees as he tried to recover. Dith knew that she was on her own with Vulture for the time being.

Vulture, with Haustin incapacitated, assumed that this was going to be an easy title defense, and began playing with the already beaten Dith.

Dith could only block a punch or kick every now and then, and even then, she was so weak that the block only cushioned the damage. Dith instead resorted to dodging and positioning. She figured that if she could buy herself time, that Haustin may be able to recover and start fighting, allowing her to recover. Dith began positioning herself in awkward to reach positions for a human like Vulture to be able to strike out at. Places that a gnome like Dith had no problem striking. Soon Dith began landing punches of her own. Hamstring, knees, stomach, hips, Dith assaulted all the key joints she could to try and bring Culture down to her level, then the fight could be on her terms.

During Dith's offensive, she began peering at Haustin every now and then to see if he was fully recovered or not. She saw that Haustin still looked gravely injured. I could end this fight right now, Dith figured. With Haustin out of the fight, and Vulture on the defense, it was finally her that had the upper hand here. She pushed the pace.

Vulture noticed Dith looking at Haustin, and figured that she was calculating whether or not she could finish him off before Haustin recovered. His suspicions were confirmed once Dith began pressing the assault even harder. Vulture knew that he out matched Dith at this speed, and he just needed to buy his time and wait for the right opportunity to strike. The first mistake came shortly after Dith began her assault. A misplaced punch allowed Vulture to put a knee into Diths ribcage. This made Dith adjust, but keep fighting. Vulture knew that he had done some sort of major damage maybe some internal bleeding or a broken rib.

Dith was breathing heavily now, she knew that something was wrong, but she had to press on, this was her only chance now. She landed a strike on Vultures knee that dropped him. She had him where she had been trying to get him for seemingly ages. She reared back and went for a punch aimed at Vultures temple. This is it, this will surely knock him out.

While it is true that Diths strike to the knee had made Vulture stagger, He fell to his knee on his own accord. This brouht Dith in, this gave her hope, this is what Vulture wanted. The second before Dith's strike had caught Vulture on the temple, he jolted his head backward. Dith had not been expecting this, and she had overcommitted on the strike, pushing her off balance. Thats when she made her worst mistake.

Some misplaced footing was all Vulture needed out of Dith. He was able to land a punch on the side of Diths knee joint, and crack it. Dith screamed and fell to her knees. The pain was severe, and the feeling of bone against bone in her leg was uncomfortable. This would be the final mistake she made that night, not defending.

Vulture leaped over and landed several clean strikes on Dith, some to the head, and some to the body. Even before the assault had ended, Dith was unconcious.Vulture had done it. I won, Vulture thought, I am the best! This, ironically, was Vultures fatal mistake, as this was not a 1 on 1 match, it was a triple threat match.

Vulture was unconcious before he even hit the ground, which comes as no surprise however, considering Haustins punch sent him in the air.

Haustin, coughing up blood and hobbled, was crowned champion of the FFF, this was his dream, he had achieved it.



After the fight, the fighters paid visits to the FFF's Clerics for healing. luckily Dith's knee was only broken, an easy fix for a skilled Cleric. Dith was able to walk out of the stadium under her own power.

The next morning, Kiwi and Dith had heard some shocking news. The sergeant had lived through the venom, and was pulling through. They learned that he was at his hotel room, under close guard. The news claimed that the Cold Iron Soldiers believe that this was an assassination attempt, but they were not sure.

Kiwi did not want to leave town until the job was down. The sergeant was the enemy, and they enemy needed to die. Kiwi and Dith decided that they were going to pay the Sergeant a visit under the Guise of Clerics of Gozreh. After some convincing, they wer allowed into the hotel room where they saw an emaciated, pale, and sweating human lay on a bed. Kiwi knew that he would pull through, and informed the guards that hse needed to leave so that she could gather some herbs in order to make a potion to give to the sergeant. The guards obliged, and Kiwi and Dith were off into the forest.

"I need a bottle and some water Dith." Kiwi told her sister, Kiwi knew what she wanted to make, it was just whether she could find the correct ingredients or not. About an hour in, Kiwi spotted a plant with Blue leaves in the shape of droplets of water. She knew this plant to be the Tears of Death plant. It's leaves covered in a poison so potent that it's fatal even if contacted. Using some leather gloves, she was able to get some of the leaves, grind them up, and put them into the bottle of water. She mixed it with some old Dire Rat blood that was in her leather bag. What was created was a strange purple liquid. "This will Work." Kiwi assured herself.

Upon returning to the hotel entrance, Kiwi stopped Dith, "I want you to take this vile of Alchemists fire and go to the side of the building, right outside his room, and when you feel a blessing of Gozreh come over you, I want you to pelt the vile at the wall." Dith agreed to the heinous plot.

Inside the hotel room, Kiwi approached the sergeant. "I need you to lay on your back, don't move, and drink this liquid. It's not going to tasted good, but it will help you." Kiwi requested. The sergeant, completely trusting of Kiwi, agreed, and laid down. Kiwi poured to vile liquid into the mans mouth, and without hesitation, the man swallowed all of it. "I would like to say a prayer to Gozreh, so she may bless all of us." She knelt and began praying, knowing that from this distance, Dith would be blessed as well.

Outside of the hotel, Dith felt a familiar feeling she had come to known as the blessings of Gozreh. She knew that was her cue. She looked at the vile, questioning her morals slightly. Should we really be doing this? He's just a soldier. In spite of her conscious, she reared back and heaved the vile at the wall, which then erupted in a ball of flame. She ran to the entrance, where she awaited her sister.

Kiwi met Dith outside the hotel "We need to go, now." Dith calmly but sternly told Kiwi. They began hustling toward the tree line outside of town. "We need to pick up the pace." Dith said, eyeing behind them. Kiwi looked behind her and noticed 3 Cold Iron Soldiers were pursuing them. They broke into a sprint into the trees. Kiwi, using her knowledge of nature, was able to help Dith deftly maneuver and before they knew it, they had lost sight of the soldiers.

Kiwi and Dith chose a nice spot to rest and heal up. Is this what we are doing now? Killing sick people in cold blood? Dith thought to herself. Regardless of her feelings, she knew that this was Kiwis goal, Kiwi had a special hatred toward the Cold Iron Kingdom, and no amount of morals was going to stop her.



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