Cold Iron's Sins

Operation Lone Wolf

With the J.E.B. out to sea, and no friends in sight, Nalith was hard pressed to find a silver lining in his cloud. Behind enemy lines, he found himself trapped in an alley, with paladins on either side of him.

While contemplating his next move, Nalith was attacked from the side by the Prototype, and sent flying into a building, where he laid at the feet of 2 paladins.

Nalith used the prototype as a distraction to get up and run up stairs while the paladins tried to dispatch the prototype. He made his way up stairs and was able to convince a Sergeant of the Iomedae faithful that he was on their side against the prototype. They then teamed up to dispatch him and take out the transmitter that was allowing him to keep regenerating.

Once the battle with the prototype was over, one of the Paladin soldiers turned on Nalith, claiming that he was a "Blasphemous Heretic!". Nalith retreated into the building and battled the paladin on the first floor, hoping that the paladins up stairs could not hear the battle. In a close fight, Nalith manage to put an arrow into the paladins head, killing her.

Nalith turned to two large chests in the room he retreated into, both of them had adventuring gear for paladins of Iomedae. He decided to take 2 swords and the gold from the gear in both chests and continue searching the first floor.

Nalith entered a room to discover a couple familiar faes, Sir Anslem and Sir Galthas. They had been captured, stripped of their gear, and bound in this room. Nalith cut their bindings and re geared them with the gear that he found in the room prior. Together, they then decided to clear out the rest of the building, scavenge all the intel that they could find, and head towards the coast to go into hiding and figure things out from there.

Once they left the building with 3 pieces of intel, they were spotted by Lieutenant Winterfall, and she gave chase after them.

During the chase, Winterfall had caught up to them, and Anselm let himself be recaptured in an effort to keep the mission going. The same happened to Galthas sometime later. Using Anselm and Galthas' sacrifices, Nalitch managed to escape to the coast and find a cavern that he could hide in. He is currently reviewing the intel he has gathered.


woots woots Nalith!

Operation Lone Wolf

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