Cold Iron's Sins

The Battle for Iomedae's Child

Learning the location of Dasphemy, the adventuring party made their way to Iomedae Island, an island dominated by Iomedae's faithful. They decided to speak with the High Priestess.

During a private conversation with the High Priestess, the party's paladin Ruthos, confessed his doubts about his teachings and his doubts in the High Priestess. He also confessed to distrusting the rogue of the party, Fletcher Green. This angered the High Priestess, who had Ruthos and the rest of the party placed under arrest.

Presented to the Priestess in the Grand Chapel, The Priestess found out that the party was searching for Dasphemy. She had Ruthos escorted to the dungeon for what he believed to be a trial by combat.

Escorted to a cell by Persival, Sir Anselm, and Sir Galthas, he was thrown into a cell with an unknown man. Assuming this was his trial by combat, he lunged at the man with his sword, and was quickly disarmed and planted on the ground. The man was revealed to be a tortured Dasphemy.

Working with Galthas, Anselm, Persival, and the adventuring party, Dasphemy decided to try and escape the island. On the main level of the church an epic battle took place, where the High Priestess fell at Dasphemy and Ruthos' hands.

Shortly after the battle, the party's wizard, Silas, ran into the Chapel warning of an entirely seperate battle going on outside. Pirate forces fighting under the pirate lord Pykota had begun sieging the island. A Rogue Paladin was slaughtering Iomedae forces, and a robotic metal man was fighting toward the chapel.

After being informed of the chaos taking place outside the Chapel, The rogue paladin showed up behind Silas. He was revealed to be Dasphemy's brother, Dominic, and was hear to kill Dasphemy. During a staredown between the two brothers. Another unknown force came into the Chapel, a large, robotic humanoid. "Target located" it spouted as its eyes locked on Dapshemy and began its approach. Dominic moved to intercept, but as the two met. A stray cannon shot burst through the chapel wall and landed at their feet.

Once the dust settled, Dominic gained his composure, the robot lay in ruin, and Dasphemy was no where to be found.

Trying to salvage what was left of the mission, the party decided to try and make their way back to the boat to escape the island.

In the chaos, only 3 made it back to the boat, Dominic, the party's fighter Bryntwulf, and the Party's Druid, Shadow's Cat. The boats captain, Jeb, decided that they needed to leave with the party members that they have, because staying there any longer would result in complete failure.

Shadow had made it to the boat with Dominic and her cat, but was blown off by cannon fire while trying to hold off attacking paladins. Her whereabouts are unknown currently.

Ruthos, Fletcher Green, and Silas made it to the docks only to see the boat leave. Stuck between returning paladins from the boat and approaching paladins from the city, the 3 had no choice but to make for the coast line in an effort to hide from them. Their status is currently unknown.

Nalith, who was far behind the entire party, found himself in an alley with no bearing on where to go. While contemplating his next move, He was attacked and thrown into a nearby building by the robot. His Status is currently unknown.



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