class: rogue/ranger
Status: Alive
bio: Saira was never one to accept law and order, and when a man like King Dasphemy came in trying to bend her people to his will, she was not going to allow this. Not on her watch.

Once King Dasphemy started encroaching on Saira and her families land, Saira started acting….. “Aggressively”. Attacking key outposts and killing high ranking members of the Cold Iron Kingdom.

King Dasphemy caught wind of this, and decided to fight the trickster, with a trick. He built a supply outpost on the outskirts of her hometown, and let it be known.

Once Saira saw that a supply outpost had been built, she didn’t think that she was being played, and planned her attack.

On the night of her attack, once she advanced, she was ambushed, and her hometown was raized by Pykotas pirates. Saira had been in captivity ever since.


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