Silas Isklander

Out-of-his-element High Elf Wizard


High Elf. 6’2, Lithe (130 lb), Golden Blonde hair, Hazel eyes, faint scars on face, and deeply tanned skin. Default expression is cheerfully inquisitive. Common attire is a well fitted purple traveling doublet. Also has a small green leaf growing from the top of his head.


Class: Wizard
Status: Alive and well.

Silas Iskander is a young (by his race’s standards,) high elf raised in a prestigious mage family of 4, with only his younger brother for company many a time. After training with Master Swiftfoot alongside Fletcher, and the incident, (which he still feels wrong about) with Bryntwolf’s sister, Silas went off trying to see more about the world he’s read so much about. Then Sip happened…

Silas Isklander

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